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William J. Baumol, Alan S. Blinder

Microeconomics: Principles and Policy, 2007 Update

Обложка книги Microeconomics: Principles and Policy, 2007 Update

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ISBN: 0324537018
Издательство: South-Western College Pub
Год издания: 2007
This text is well known for using the Keynesian model in the teaching of economics; yet in the 2007 Update edition, the authors have expanded coverage of the growth model considerably to achieve more balanced coverage making the content more accessible for the students. The text uses the aggregate supply/ aggregate demand model as a fundamental tool for learning macroeconomics. It achieves the right level of rigor and detail, presenting complicated concepts in a relatively straightforward manner and using timely economic data. Using puzzles, issues, and well-developed examples, the authors provide a good balance of theory to application allowing students to relate the materials to their every day lives.
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