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Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes (Business Economics Series)

Обложка книги Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes (Business Economics Series)

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ISBN: 184542476X
Издательство: Edward Elgar Pub
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 1258
The economics literature on pricing and pricing tactics has made huge progress in the last few decades mostly due to the influence of the asymmetric information and game theory revolutions in microeconomic theory. This authoritative two volume collection brings together some classic contributions which predate these revolutions, and older and newer papers which have employed these modern techniques to further our understanding of how pricing works in real world settings. Pricing Tactics, Strategies, and Outcomes approaches the subject mainly from the theoretical perspective, but includes also some important empirical papers. Important topics covered include entry deterrence, reputation formation, product line pricing, collusive behavior, tying and bundling, leasing, and sales and couponing strategies. The book should prove a useful reference tool for marketing students and faculty interested in the literature on pricing.
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