Обложка книги A Survey of Ecological Economics (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought)

A Survey of Ecological Economics (Frontier Issues in Economic Thought)

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ISBN: 1559634111;
Издательство: Island Press

The emergent discipline of ecological economics is based on the idea that the world's economies are a function of the earth's ecosystems - an idea that radically reverses the world view of neoclassical economics. A Survey of Ecological Economics provides the first overview of this new field, and a comprehensive and systematic survey of its critical literature. The editors of the volume summarize ninety-five seminal articles, selected through an exhaustive survey, that advance the field of ecological economics and represent the best thinking to date in the area. Each two-to three-page summary is far more comprehensive than a typical abstract, and presents both the topics covered in each paper and the most important arguments made about each topic. Sections cover: historical perspective definition, scope, and interdisciplinary issues theoretical frameworks and techniques energy and resource flow analysis accounting and evaluation ...

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