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Rita Cestti, Jitendra Srivastava, Samira Jung

Agriculture Non-Point Source Pollution Control: Good Management Practices -- The Chesapeake Bay Experience (World Bank Working Paper, No. 7)

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ISBN: 0821355236
Издательство: World Bank Office of the Publisher
Over the past few decades the quality of many international water bodies has deteriorated, resulting in economic losses from declines in the fishing industry and in tourism, as well as a loss of biodiversity and health impacts from contaminated water. This deterioration has been caused by many factors including nutrient run-off from agriculture, insufficiently treated sewage, drainage of wetlands, coastal erosion, introduction of exotic species, eutrophication and inadequate resource management. One of the most significant sources of degradation has been from excessive discharge of nitrogen and phosphorus compounds (nutrients), due to the poor management practices used in agricultural, domestic and industrial activities. This publication aims to drawthe attention of professionals and practitioners working in agricultural and environmental sectors to the experiences and successes of the environmentally friendly good agricultural practices being used in the Chesapeake Bay Region of...
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