Обложка книги China's Forest: Global Lessons from Market Reforms

China's Forest: Global Lessons from Market Reforms

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ISBN: 1891853678;
Издательство: Resources for the Future

"The King, who cannot take good care of the mountain, forest, lake and meadow, will not be able to rule the nation." ?Guan Zhong, Prime Minister of Qi State, Spring-Autumn Era International concerns about greenhouse gases and threats to biodiversity, as well as regional concerns about water supply, erosion control, watersheds, and local economic well-being make the study of forest policy more important than ever before. Understanding the factors that affect the forest environment in China, the country with the world's largest population and one of its most dynamic economies, is a critical step toward improving the long-term welfare of the global community. This is the first book to comprehensively evaluate the effects of forest policy as it has followed or extended from agricultural, trade, and other reforms that began in 1978. Among the issues it addresses are the pressures exerted by the growing economy on the forest environment, the environmental effects of extractive...