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Jael Miriam Silliman, Ynestra King, Population, and the Environment Committee on Women

Dangerous Intersections: Feminist Perspectives on Population, Environment, and Development

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ISBN: 089608597X
Издательство: South End Press
This collection of original critical essays by well-known feminist scholars and activists presents a multicultural, international scope on the major global issues of the day: environment, development, and population control. Dangerous Intersections provides crucial alternative voices and approaches to the short-sighted policies supported by many mainstream politicians and nongovernmental organizations policies that focus on the fertility of poor women of color, North and South, as the primary threat to the ecological viability of the planet. The authors make a reasoned yet impassioned argument for making women the central agents of their own fate and the fate of the planet. Contributors include: Asoka Bandarage, Marsha J. Tyson Darling, Marlene Gerber Fried, Betsy Hartmann, H. Patricia Hynes, Joni Seager, Jael Silliman, Andy Smith, Justine Smith, April Taylor, Meredeth Turshen, and Meredith Tax.
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