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Paul Koutstaal

Economic Policy and Climate Change: Tradable Permits for Reducing Carbon Emissions (New Horizons in Environmental Economics)

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ISBN: 1858986346
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Economic Policy and Climate Change focuses on the design, implementation and consequences of a feasible system of tradable carbon permits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the context of the European Union. Economic instruments are considered fundamental in reducing atmospheric pollution, especially carbon dioxide emissions. This important book outlines the design of an achievable system of tradable emission permits in the EU. It considers the distribution of permits, the problem of monitoring and enforcement and the possibility that the system might create a barrier to potential entrants to industry. This is especially important because entry barriers will affect the whole economy and long-term industry dynamics. The analysis then extends to consider the use of tradable permits and taxes in the context of international cooperation on emissions reduction. International agreements are examined within the framework of a second-best, two country model in which...
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