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Twan Huybers, Jeff Bennett

Environmental Management and the Competitiveness of Nature-Based Tourism Destinations (NEW HORIZONS IN ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS)

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ISBN: 1840648902
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Environmental management, either voluntary or imposed, can add to the costs of nature-based tourism businesses. Such costs can make tourism destinations less competitive, but the same activities can also enhance competitiveness by increasing demand. Thisbook provides an assessment of the relative importance of these two opposing effects in the context of a case study of nature-based tourism in Tropical North Queensland, Australia. The authors estimate the demand side effects using discrete choice modeling to determine the impact of changing environmental conditions on the market share of a variety of tourist destinations. The costs of environmental management are also considered by analyzing firm level data. The effects are then integrated using a model of the tourism market that is formulated around nature-based tourism regions. The results show that the competitiveness of a region is enhanced through its environmental management and highlight the importance of self-regulation in...