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William H. Desvousges, F. Reed Johnson, H. Spencer Banzhaf

Environmental Policy Analysis With Limited Information: Principles and Applications of the Transfer Method (New Horizons in Environmental Economics.)

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ISBN: 1858986559
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
The transfer method, a technique used in cost-benefit analysis, is an increasingly important tool used by government agencies to assess environmental regulatory policy. This innovative book develops protocols for using the transfer method to approach environmental problems and introduces several significant conceptual and methodological advances that refine the transfer process. The transfer approach to quantitative policy analysis adapts information and data from existing studies and so provides aneconomical way to assess potential benefits and costs for projects. The book presents a detailed framework for examining the transfer of information, outlines the basic steps of the method, and discusses solutions to frequently encountered problems. It then illustrates the method with an extensive case study of environmental externalities from electricity generation. This case study provides the opportunity to discuss salient aspects of the transfer method in more detail, including...
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