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James R. Lee

Exploring the Gaps: Vital Links Between Trade, Environment and Culture

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ISBN: 1565491149
Издательство: Kumarian Press
Today's dramatic globalization parallels earlier historical periods of rapid technological change that brought contested benefits and costs. James Lee argues that the current pace of technological change is on a collision course with the human ability toabsorb it, but that we can learn lessons from the past to help us resolve todays' problems. Exploring the Gaps looks at how the growing tensions between economic, ecological and social factors threaten our ability to make trade and cultural exchangeswork to benefit people and the world around them. Through case studies collected by the Trade Environment Database Project, Lee's powerful argument provides a blueprint to meet the challenges of elemental reintegration at global and local levels. It willinterest anyone concerned with the issues of development, environment, globalization and political economy.
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