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Michael Bell, Michael Mayerfeld Bell

Farming for Us All: Practical Agriculture and the Cultivation of Sustainability

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ISBN: 0271023872
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by all the threats facing modern agriculture?threats to the environment, to the health and safety of our food, to the economic and cultural viability of farmers and rural communities. Hundreds of thousands of farmers leave their farms every year as the juggernaut of "big agriculture" plows across our rural landscape. But there are viable alternatives to big agriculture, as many farmers and others involved in agriculture, including consumers, are discovering. In Farming for Us All Michael Mayerfeld Bell offers crucial insight into the future of a viable sustainable agriculture movement in the United States. Based on interviews and years of close interaction with over 60 Iowa farm families, Bell answers two critical questions concerning sustainable agriculture: why some farmers are becoming sustainable farmers and why, as yet, most are not. The first part of the book describes how the structure of agriculture?that nexus of...
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