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Rex A. Ewing

Hydrogen- Hot Stuff Cool Science: Journey Into a World of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells at the Wasserstoff Farm

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ISBN: 0965809862
Издательство: Pixyjack Press
Ever wonder what hydrogen energy is all about? Where the hydrogen will come from and how we will use it? Open this book and embark on a learning safari to the Wasserstoff Farm where you?ll discover the solid science and cutting-edge technologies behind the H2 media hype, and have more fun than you?re supposed to. Three books in one: 1. Review basic chemical principles of how fuel can be transformed into useful energy. 2. Explore the many sources of hydrogen and ingenious methods devised to extract it. 3. Discover how we will use hydrogen?in our homes and buildings, vehicles and public transportation, for electricity in remote areas, and much more. Science is explained, ideas illuminated and myths dispelled in this highly readable book about what many experts are calling the most important new energy for planet Earth.
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