Обложка книги Indians, Markets, and Rainforests

Indians, Markets, and Rainforests

ISBN: 023111785X; 9780231117852;
Издательство: Columbia University Press
Страниц: 276

In this book Godoy poses the question: does participation in a market economy help or hurt indigenous peoples and how does it affect the conservation of tropical rainforest flora and fauna? Oddly, there have been few quantitative studies that have addressed this question. Ricardo Godoy?s research takes an important step toward answering this question by investigating five different lowland Amerindian societies of tropical Latin America -all of which are experiencing deep changes as they modernize. Godoy examines the effect of markets on a broad range of areas including health, conservation of flora and fauna, leisure, folk knowledge, reciprocity, and private time preference. He concludes that, contrary to considerable anthropological theory, theeffect of markets on the quality of life and the rainforest are often unclear or benign. Godoy uses multivariate techniques to examine the changes modernization has had on many indicators of the quality of life and the environment and...