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Baldur Eliasson, ?Baldur Eliasson, Yam Yee Lee, China Energy Technology Program

Integrated Assessment of Sustainable Energy Systems in China: The China Technology Program: A Framework for Decision Support in the Electric Sector of Shandong Province

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ISBN: 1402011989
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
There is no progress without access to energy and no energy use without supporting technology. Only one sixth of the earth's population has an easy access to sufficient energy. The other five sixth will increase their demand for energy in the future. Theglobal environmental problems we face will increasingly affect our daily life. Adjust and fair price for energy is necessary for comparing the pros and cons of energy technology application. The road to an objective analysis of an energy system is called"Integrated Energy Analysis" and covers a cradle-to-grave system approach. This book contains such an analysis of the electricity energy system in Shandong-Province, on of China's 32 Provinces. It also presents a decision support analysis tool. It shouldallow decision makers in China to choose the right system of electricity supply with minimum environmental impact and/or minimum "true" cost. The book contains a DVD, which contains a more extensive record of the research results...
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