Обложка книги Modelling Change in Integrated Economic and Environmental Systems

Modelling Change in Integrated Economic and Environmental Systems

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ISBN: 0471985449; 9780471985440;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

The relationship between economic and environmental systems is an important one which affects all living organisms directly or indirectly and is becoming increasingly recognised in policy arena. The more this relationship is studied analytically and empirically, the more aware we become of the gap in our existing knowledge of environmental data and process parameters. While important empirical questions are unanswered in environmental economics literature, work on the environmental science of ecological systems largely fails to raise all the right questions and to identify key variables in human-exploited ecosystems. Monographs on environmental economics tend to focus on a single resource or group of resources with an emphasis on either micro level or macro level. This volume is the product of the authors, recognition of all of these gaps. The central theme of this book is how economic frameworks and features of environmental systems can be integrated within formal models to...