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Nicolas Buclet

Municipal Waste Management in Europe - European Policy between Harmonisation and Subsidiarity (ENVIRONMENT & MANAGEMENT Volume 11)

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ISBN: 1402005431
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Waste management is not only a technical problem, but is also an issue which involves various actors throughout society. In this book, the organisation of waste management is seen in terms of regimes. This should interest people involved in public choices, as well as researchers, mainly economists but also others, dealing with institutional questions. We have insisted on conventional principles. They are the real guides for actors within each national regime. The advantage of working with the concept of conventional principles is the simplicity of this tool when comparing national regimes, bearing in mind that the crucial question of European harmonisation arises. The main aim of the book is to specify the role which should be accorded to harmonisation and subsidiarity within municipal waste management. It analyses the issues which arise in building a European waste management policy, highlighting the several areas of conflict between the actors, be they Member States, companies, or...