Обложка книги Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution

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ISBN: 0316353000; 978-0-316-35300-7;
Издательство: Back Bay Books
Страниц: 416

"Natural Capitalism" as an idea and thesis for a book emerged in 1994, the year after the publication of "The Ecology of Commerce". After meeting with and speaking to different business, government, and academic institutions in the aftermath of the book's publication, it became clear to Hawken that industry and government needed an overall biological and social framework within which the transformation of commerce could be accomplished and practiced. To that end, articles and papers were written that became the basis of a book about natural capitalism. A key element of this theory was the idea that the economy was shifting from an emphasis on human productivity to a radical increase in resource productivity. This shift would provide more meaningful family-wage jobs, a better worldwide standard of living to those in need, and a dramatic reduction of humankind's impact upon the environment. So while the context for "Natural Capitalism" existed in a theoretical framework, the exposition...

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