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Lawrence Susskind, Lawrence Susskind, Paul F. Levy, Jennifer Thomas-Larmer

Negotiating Enviromental Agreements : How to Avoid Escalating Confrontation, Needless Costs, and Unnecessary Litigation

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ISBN: 1559636335
Издательство: Island Press
Owning and managing forest lands is an inherently legal endeavor. From forest acquisition to deeds and boundaries, from timber sales to bequests, few things can be done without confronting laws, rules, regulations, and traditions that define acceptable and unacceptable practices. For most owners, managing forests is a learn-as-you-go proposition, and too often a crash course in law follows a disagreement. Legal Aspects of Owning and Managing Woodlands is both an accessible overview of the privileges, rights, and obligations that accompany forest ownership, and a guidebook to help active forest managers use laws to their advantage and avoid the pitfalls of expensive and exhausting litigation. Chapters examine all aspects of woodland ownership and management, from general issues to specific concerns, including: private property and public interest acquiring and owning forest lands surveys and boundaries managing and using forest lands ...