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Paul H. Brunner, Helmut Rechberger

Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis (Advanced Methods in Resource and Waste Management Series, 1)

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ISBN: 1566706041
Издательство: Lewis Publishers
The concept of a company, city, or region functioning as an anthroposphere, a living organism with metabolic processes, is now widely accepted among professionals within scientific, engineering, and materials management fields. While the traits of an anthroposphere are described throughout academia, until now there was no widely accepted methodology for applying these concepts.Practical Handbook of Material Flow Analysis establishes a rigid, transparent and useful methodology for investigating the material metabolism of anthropogenic systems. Using Material Flow Analysis (MFA), engineers and planners can determine the main sources, flows, stocks, and emissions of man-made and natural materials. By demonstrating the application of MFA, this book reveals how resources can be conserved and the environment protected within complex systems. The fourteen case studies presented exemplify the potential for MFA to contribute to sustainable materials management. Exercises throughout the book...