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Wouter Van Dieren

Taking Nature into Account: A Report to the Club of Rome : Toward a Sustainable National Income

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ISBN: 0387945334
Издательство: Copernicus Books
Indicators used to direct economic policy (GDP, national income, etc.) are based on a number of factors-but nowhere in their calculations is there an acknowledgement of the degradation of natural resources. The numbers may not tell the whole story: continued deterioration of the environment is leading us closer to crisis. Meanwhile, policymakers and the public are basing decisions on dangerously incomplete information. In Taking Nature Into Account, a number of the world's leading experts make the ethical, historical, economic, and ecological arguments for including environmental factors when measuring fiscal health. Initiated by the Club of Rome (an international group of influential businessmen, statesmen, and scientists), and written in cooperation with the World Wide Fund for Nature, this report reviews existing methodologies and makes recommendations for adjusting the way we think about and measure the economy. Taking Nature Into Account is urgent reading for officials,...
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