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Paulo A. L. D. Nunes, Jeroen C. J. M. Van Den Bergh, Peter Nijkamp, Jeroen C. J. M. Van Den Bergh

The Ecological Economics of Biodiversity: Methods and Policy Applications

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ISBN: 1843762706
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
The loss of biodiversity has put increasing pressure on the stability and continuity of ecosystems, and their ability to provide goods and services to people. This valuable new book addresses this issue and presents an integrated ecological-economic perspective on the analysis of biodiversity loss and conservation. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach and attempts both to provide a definition of biodiversity benefits as well as investigate alternative perspectives on biodiversity. The book also presents a classification of biodiversity values and effectively illustrates which economic valuation methods can best measure which type of biodiversity value. The distinguished authors move on to discuss the utility of the application of the economics-ecology interface and integrated modeling for the assessment of biodiversity values. In doing so, they consider the use of multi-criteria evaluation and meta-analytical methods to deal with the aggregation of information from multiple...
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