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JA?rg Klarer, Bedřich Moldan

The Environmental Challenge for Central European Economies in Transition

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ISBN: 0471966096, 9780471966098
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
There has been profound change in the overall economic, social and political circumstances of Central and East European (CEE) countries since 1989. This book looks at the environmental consequences of those changes with a special focus on the countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland and the Slovak Republic. The book contrasts the environmental legacies of the past Communist regimes with the initial hopes and expectations existing after the recent democratic revolutions, and examines subsequent achievements in environmental protection through to the present day. Environmental challenges encountered during the transition period are analysed, as are important processes on the international and European level affecting environmental protection, including the ?Environment for Europe process and the implications for environmental policy of accession to the European Union. Domestic and international financing for environmental protection, a critical issue for realising...