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Ken Midkiff

The Meat You Eat: Corporate Farming and the Decline of the American Diet

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ISBN: 0312325355
Издательство: St. Martin's Press
"We have given up to the agribusiness corporations a crucial part of our responsibility as human beings and we must now think of ways to take it back." - Wendell Berry, from the Foreword In this eye-opening book, Sierra Club Director Ken Midkiff exposes the dangers posed by corporate control of agriculture (agribusiness)--to our health, and to the health of the nation's economy, security, and the environment. The Meat You Eat explores the current practices of the corporations taking over the raising and slaughtering of farm animals (and farmed fish, such as salmon). These companies use a model that has transformed livestock farming from quality-driven family-owned operations into big businesses concerned with volume, efficiency, uniformity, and profits above all. Midkiff reveals the true cost of agribusiness on all levels-environmental, financial, moral, legal, and medical-balancing startling truths with practical solutions. Rather than advocate...
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