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Hadrian F. Cook

The Protection and Conservation of Water Resources : A British Perspective

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ISBN: 0471976814, 9780471976813
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
This book is about water in Britain. It is about resources, their conservation, protection of water quality for human consumption and aquatic ecosystems. Presently there is a struggle to reverse long-term trends towards contaminated groundwater, pollutedrivers and dirty beaches. While farmers have to contend with fertiliser controls, and sewage undertakings improve treatment, industry is now under the most stringent pollution control measures in history. Amidst the dash for more dishwashers and washing machines, and in a country which prides itself on its gardening, we are told the climate is changing and this may put further pressure on resources. Meanwhile, recent dry winters have compounded long-term over-abstraction problems, reducing river flows and resulting in drought orders. Since 1989 there has been privatisation of water and sewage undertakings, and the loss of what was once a public service to commercial providers. This has proved controversial, and anything from low...