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Charlie Pye-Smith

The Subsidy Scandal: How Your Government Wastes Your Money to Wreck Your Environment

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ISBN: 1853839027
Издательство: Earthscan Publications
Governments spend trillions every year on subsidies to a whole host of industries, ranging from agriculture to mining, energy to transport. Subsidies are supposed to contribute to the public good, but do they? In the vast majority of cases, the money, much of it derived from public taxes, is not merely wasted, it is used to wreck the environment. All too often, subsidies go to those who least need them -- frequently to corporations and special interest groups which recycle some of the funds to support the politicians who keep the subsidies going. Charlie Pye-Smith has written a riveting and eye-opening book on this huge racket. Based on research in North America, with examples from Europe and elsewhere, "The Subsidy Scandal" "follows the money" to find out where it goes and what it produces. Pye-Smith's travels are vibrantly illuminated by interviews with bureaucrats, politicians, loggers, farmers, miners, fishermen, industrialists and environmentalists, and with their help he...