Обложка книги Time-Scales and Environmental Change

Time-Scales and Environmental Change


ISBN: 0415132533;
Издательство: Routledge

In the context of environmental change there's been little discusion about what is actually meant by "short-" or "long-term"; yet an understanding of timescales of change and how they relate is crucial to truly responsible environmentalism. To physical geographeers the last 10,000 years is recent; to politicians, five-year environmantal problems that can't be solved before the next election year are far beyond their horizons. Timescales of Environmental Change brings together impressive contributors form across the physical and social sciences, offering a fascinating range of perspectives. Original papers, from a recent Conference at SOAS are rewritten with the book's introductory and concluding chapters as a base, and timely contributions have been added. A focussed book is the result.