Обложка книги Tourism, Development and Growth

Tourism, Development and Growth


ISBN: 0415160022;
Издательство: Routledge

Tourism, Development and Growth presents a comprehensive examination of the concept of sustainability as it relates to tourism growth. Set within the context of rapid change in contemporary tourism and world trends, the contributors explore how new geopolitical, socioeconomic, technological and environmental circumstances are influencing world tourism today. Focusing on different types of tourism appropriate to particular situations, the essays offer examples from around the world--including the US and Canada--to explore issues concerning tourism's contribution to economic, social, political and environmental advancement of developing countries, and the challenges to and the importance of tourism in industrialized nations. This book identifies the opportunities and challenges inherent in achieving sustainable tourism while accommodating growth, and examines new policies and initiatives necessary, from both the private sector and the state, to pursue tourism growth in...