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Philip A. Lawn, Philip Andrew Lawn

Toward Sustainable Development: An Ecological Economics Approach

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ISBN: 1566704111
Издательство: Lewis Publishers, Inc.
By now, most people in the ecological and environmental fields have heard of sustainable development, but how many know how we go about getting there, and if we are achieving it? By synthesizing the many disparate elements of the field of Ecological Economics, Toward Sustainable Development: An Ecological Economics Approach combines analysis, theory, and empiricism to answer the whats, whys, and hows of moving towards sustainable development.Since the ecological economics approach to sustainable development is still a relatively new paradigm, its long-term success rests heavily on the formalized establishment of the most basic and fundamental principles. This volume discusses the formation of these principles and their implementation in the real world. Lawn establishes the ground-rules by showing that development need not be achieved at the expense of ecological sustainability. He presents the tools, guidelines, and conceptual framework necessary to move toward sustainable...
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