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Sharif S. Elmusa

Water Conflict: Economics, Politics, Law and Palestinian-Israeli Water Resources

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ISBN: 0887282687
Издательство: Inst for Palestine Studies
This pioneering study of the conflict over the natural water resources of geographic Palestine - Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip - is the first comprehensive examination of all the region's shared water sources and the economics of their use in agriculture, households and industry. Dr. Elmusa's detailed survey of the surface and groundwater resources provides essential data for understanding both the extent and the limits of the water supply for Israelis and Palestinians. By focusing on both the scarcity and the commonality of the water resources, he demonstrates why water has become a contentious issue between Israel and the Palestinians. Despite the problems with water supply during the Israeli occupation, the author believes that the peace negotiations mark an historic turning point in the conflict over water. He discusses in original details how the principles of equitable utilization and joint management of their common water resources can be achieved and can enhance...
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