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Kate Troll

Eco-Nomics and Eagles: A People's Guide to Economic Development and the Environment

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ISBN: 1401092845
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionNew Book Gives Old Debate An "Eco-nomic" Reality Check - "What good is an eagle if you can?t eat it?" asks a stout logger in a crowded public hearing in a small Alaskan community. Eagles and logging had ended up on a collision course in one town?s efforts to chart a future after the mill closed. Asking "what good is an eagle?" was the question that first brought Ms. Troll down-to-earth in proposing "eco-nomic" solutions for resource use conflicts. Through experience, analysis and intellectual pursuits, what was once an "eco-nomic" answer to a logger, eventually evolved into a pramgamtic philosophy aimed at changing the jobs versus environment script into jobs and the environment. Through the use of nine eco-nomic principles,the objectives of economic development and environmental protection are melded into a practical, cohesive platform for government officials, businesspersons, environmentalists, citizen activists and for the students of resource...
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