Обложка книги Handbook of Public Finance

Handbook of Public Finance


ISBN: 0824701348;
Издательство: Marcel Dekker

This up-to-date and lucid reference/text demonstrates the utility of integrating public finance theory with actual public policy practices;featuring unique emphases on and approaches to issues such as government spending, reporting, pricing, and fiscal federalism. Discussing applications in major subfields of public finance, including public education, environmental regulation, energy policy, social welfare programs, and local and state politics, the Handbook of Public Finance furnishes edifying surveyson normative public finance institutional design tax burden analysis cost-benefit analysis governmental accounting the budgeting process tax administration innovative public goods pricing models and much more! Helpfully supplemented with more than 1500 bibliographic citations, tables, and drawings, the Handbook of Public Finance is an indispensable reference for public policy, budget, and financial analysts at local, state, and federal levels; city managers; economists; public...

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