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Carlos Pestana Barros, Muradali Ibrahmo, Muradali Ibrahimo, Stefan Szymanski

Transatlantic Sport: The Comparative Economics of North American and European Sports

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ISBN: 184064947X
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
The vast sums of money generated by sport worldwide have meant that the laws of economic competition, as well as sporting competition, have an important role to play in the organization and regulation of the industry. This book offers a comparative perspective on the economics of sport and highlights both the similarities and differences in the North American and European models of sport. It tackles policy issues such as the organizing, financing and regulation of team sports, alongside theoretical issues regarding income redistribution and competitive balance. It also evaluates the impact of sport and sports events on local communities and the wider economy, providing a useful contrast of methods and results on the two continents. Transatlantic Sport will be of great interest to sports economists but will also be of wider interest to scholars of competition and economics in general.
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