Обложка книги Basic Business Statistics: A Casebook

Basic Business Statistics: A Casebook

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ISBN: 0387983546;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

Providing an introduction to modern data analysis techniques, these casebooks can be used as the primary or secondary text for elementary business statistics courses. Statistics has the reputation of being a boring, complicated, and confusing mix of mathematical formulas accompanied by computers used to do something. This casebook nad its companion volume Business Analysis Usuing Regression change that impression by showing how statistics gives insights and ansswers interesting business questions. The material is organized into classes of related case studies that develop a single key idea of statistics. The authors begin by discussing an application that motivates the key idea. Students are then shown how to analyze a data set. The emphasis of the analysis is to answer important business questions with statistics rather than talk about statistics. Basic Business Statistics introduces ideas often not emphasized in elementary texts such as issues of robustness, the use of...

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