Обложка книги Flash Review: Introduction to Statistics

Flash Review: Introduction to Statistics

ISBN: 0201774666;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Study faster, learn more -- with the next-generation power tool for everyone studying statistics! Features student-tested Flash Summaries for every major topic -- plus dozens of Flash Tests designed to help you master core concepts fast! Includes exclusive, time-saving Correlation Charts linked to the field's leading textbooks! Includes free access to the Flash Review Online Study Center, with even more practice help, tutorials, and test taking tips! With Flash Review on your side, studying statistics is a snap! Designed by veteran educators, tested by real students for clarity and brevity , Flash Review for Introduction to Statistics uses crisp, to-the-point language andeasy-to-remember summaries to lead you through every key concept and definition -- and help you get primed for your exams, fast! Every step of the learning process has been addressed to make learning easier -- and help you make...