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Philip C. Abrami, Paul Cholmsky, Robert Gordon

Statistical Analysis for the Social Sciences: An Interactive Approach

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ISBN: 0205294936
Издательство: Pearson Allyn & Bacon
Integrated book and CD-ROM package emphasizes the logic of statistical procedures, fundamental concepts, and application of quantitative techniques to statistical problems. Every book is packaged with a free CD-ROM featuring Activities and Problem Generators that reinforce the key concepts that are most difficult for students. Users actively participate in experiments by directly manipulating data points and varying numerical values, and by observing real-time changes to graphs and equations. Sets of questions structure exploration. Problem Generators provide a wide variety of problems with worked solutions, helping students develop confidence in statistical analysis. Annotated icons link text content with practice opportunities on the CD. This CD-ROM is not a computational tool such as SPSS, but provides a learning environment for exploration and application of key concepts. For anyone who needs experience in statistical analysis...