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Christian N. Madu

Statistics As Easy As 1,2,3: With Microsoft Excel for Windows

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ISBN: 0967602327
Издательство: Chi Publishers
This book is not just about learning statistics but also about using it. It is developed for professionals who make frequent use of statistics but do not have the time and/or the technical expertise to sit down and read some of the more complex texts on statistics. The focus here is on hands-on application or in fact, "do it yourself" approach. It is also based on the use of Microsoft Excel for Windows. Most computer users have Microsoft Office with Microsoft Excel for Windows so why not make use of its features? Statistics As Easy As 123 with Microsoft Excel for Windows has been tested and applied in a university setup. It is based on simple data collection process and an analysis of the same data starting from descriptive statistics through multiple regression analysis and nonparametric statistics. It is purposely designed to use a simple data collection process and to focus on the 123s or ABCs of statistics. It does not pretend to be an advanced book on statistics but a grassroots...