Обложка книги Statistical Methods of Analysis

Statistical Methods of Analysis

ISBN: 9812383107;
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company

Book DescriptionChin Long Chiang is Professor in the Graduate School, University of California, Berkeley. He was a visiting professor at Harvard, Yale, Emory, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, Vanderbilt, Texas, Washington at Seattle, Peking University, and University of London. Professor Chiang has served as a consultant to the WHO, the NIH, and other agencies. He is a fellow of the IMS, the ASA, and the RSS of London. He has published five books, three of them have been translated into Chinese and one into Japanese. This textbook systematically presents fundamental methods of statistical analysis: from probability and statistical distributions, through basic concepts of statistical inference, to a collection of methods of analysis useful for scientific research. It is rich in tables, diagrams, and examples, in addition to theoretical justification of the methods of analysis introduced. Each chapter has a section entitled "Exercises and Problems" to accompany the...