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Alina A. von Davier

The Kernel Method of Test Equating (Statistics for Social Science and Public Policy)

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ISBN: 0387019855
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionKernel Equating (KE) is a powerful, modern and unified approach to test equating. It is based on a flexible family of equipercentile-like equating functions and contains the linear equating function as a special case. Any equipercentile equating method has five steps or parts. They are: 1) pre-smoothing; 2) estimation of the score-probabilities on the target population; 3) continuization; 4) computing and diagnosing the equating function; 5) computing the standard error of equating and related accuracy measures. KE brings these steps together in an organized whole rather than treating them as disparate problems. KE exploits pre-smoothing by fitting log-linear models to score data, and incorporates it into step 5) above. KE provides new tools for diagnosing a given equating function, and for comparing two or more equating functions in order to choose between them. In this book, KE is applied to the four major equating designs and to both Chain Equating and...