Обложка книги The Hunt for the last Respondent

The Hunt for the last Respondent

ISBN: 9037702155;
Издательство: Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau

Book DescriptionSurvey researchers in the Netherlands seem to have resigned themselves to low response rates in random sample surveys, despite the fact that the response rate is generally seen as the main indicator of survey quality. This study demonstrates that high response rates are feasible in the Netherlands and describes how these have been attained. Rather than focusing on the rate of response, the aim of this study is to show when nonresponse can cause bias, and to investigate the causes of and the reasons behind nonresponse. It presents the dangers of focusing on socio-demographic and socio-economic background characteristics and ignoring the reasons why these may be correlated with response behaviour, and also discusses the importance of distinguishing between noncontact and noncooperation. Even when the response rates have been enhanced substantially, the question remains as to wether higher response rates actually decrease nonresponse bias. In order to investigate this...

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