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Richard Disney

Can We Afford to Grow Older?

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ISBN: 026204157X, 9780262041577
Издательство: MIT Press
" Can We Afford to Grow Older? is an impressive book which makes a major contribution toward the consolidation of our knowledge and understanding the economic aspects of what appears to be inevitable and probably irreversible demographic change. Covering a wide geographic spectrum across industrialized nations, it will appeal to graduate level study of the economics of aging and will appeal to all economists with a serious interest in this question." -- William J. Serow, Director, Center for the Study of Population, and Professor of Economics, Florida State University The United States Social Security fund is huge and in trouble. The United Kingdom has experimented with the voluntary contracting out of pensions to the private sector. Chile has privatized its public pension system. Australia has adopted a means-tested public pension system. Japan has the earliest retirement age of any advanced economy; it also has the highest rate of labor force participation by elderly men. ...
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