Обложка книги Creating Value in the Network Economy

Creating Value in the Network Economy

ISBN: 0875849113;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press

Most corporate leaders recognize that today's increasingly wired world is dramatically changing the way they conduct business. Only a precious few grasp exactly what this means to their own operations, however, and fewer still have implemented appropriate strategies that put them ahead of the curve. Creating Value in the Network Economy is a collection of 12 essays that originally appeared in the Harvard Business Review and that address this continuing revolution and its potential long-term impacts. Edited by Don Tapscott--whose previous, well-received books include The Digital Economy and Growing Up Digital --it assembles a series of provocative and pragmatic thoughts on the subject by such visionaries as John Hagel, StanDavis, James Moore, and Charles Handy. Divided into three sections, the resultant works address fundamentals as they relate to the shifting nature of corporate value, the evolution of the corporation itself, and the effect all this...