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Kenneth R Schneider

Destiny of Change : How Relevant is Man in the Age of Development?

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ISBN: 059530415X
Издательство: Authors Choice Press
Kenneth Schneider's achievement...is to have written a highly intelligent book that is at the same time both stimulating and readable--a rare occurrence. Overall, this is one of the most thought-provoking books that I have read on our modern business-created society and the individual's place within this society. R. Joseph Monsen University of Washington It is a very good book indeed. ...Schneider has managed to choose most of the basic issues confronting our political order: theseare the issues people ought to be thinking about. He has also managed to infuse each one with a high ethical content--something quite rare in the ordinary approach to these topics. The result is a serious, informed discussion that often achieves the level of what in olden times was honorably known as 'practical philosophy.'...There is an inarticulate demand for just this sort of thing. Harvey Wheeler Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions The book reflects...
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