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Richard O. Zerbe

Economic Efficiency in Law and Economics (New Horizons in Law and Economics Series)

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ISBN: 184064611X
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
In this path-breaking book, now available in paperback, Richard Zerbe introduces a new way to think about the concept of economic efficiency that is both consistent with its historical derivation and more useful than concepts currently used. He establishes an expanded version of Kaldor-Hicks efficiency as an axiomatic system that performs the following tasks: the new approach obviates certain technical and ethical criticisms that have been made of economic efficiency; it answers critics of efficiency; itallows an expanded range for efficiency analysis; and it establishes the conditions under which economists can reasonably say that some state of the world is inefficient. He then applies the new analysis to a number of hard and fascinating cases, including the economics of dueling, cannibalism and rape. He develops a new theory of common law efficiency and indicates the circumstances under which the common law will be inefficient. The book will be of great interest to scholars,...
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