Обложка книги Game Theory and Economic Analysis (Routledge Advances in Game Theory)

Game Theory and Economic Analysis (Routledge Advances in Game Theory)

ISBN: 0415259878;
Издательство: Brunner-Routledge

This book presents the huge variety of current contributions of game theory to economics. The impressive contributions fall broadly into two categories. Some lay out in a jargon free manner a particular branch of the theory, the evolution of one of its concepts, or a problem, that runs through its development. Others are original pieces of work that are significant to game theory as a whole. After taking the reader through a concise history of game theory, the contributions include such themes as: *the connections between Von Neumann's mathematical game theory and the domain assigned to him today *the strategic use of information by game players *the problem of the coordination of strategic choices between independent players *cooperative games and theirplace within the literature of games new developments in non-cooperative games *possible applications for game theory in industrial and financial economics differential qualitative games and entry dissuasion.

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