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Jere Behrman, T. Srinivasan

Handbook of Development Economics Volume 3A

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ISBN: 0444823018, 9780444823014
Издательство: North-Holland
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 766
Hardbound. For this Handbook authors known to have different views regarding the nature of development economics have been selected. The Handbook is organised around the implications of different sets of assumptions and their associated research programs. It is divided into three volumes, each with three parts which focus on the broad processes of development. This third volume of the Handbook of Development Economics employs rigorous theoretical and empirical frameworks. It focuses on policy and includes material from unpublished and not generally available sources. In particular, it covers analytical and policy issues arising from the collapse of the paradigm of development based on import-substituting-industrialization in most developing countries; and the demise of centrally planned economies of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. The volume also deals with the increasing recognition of the importance of micro behavioral responses to a
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