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Conrad P. Waligorski

Liberal Economics and Democracy: Keynes, Galbraith, Thurow, and Reich (American Political Thought)

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ISBN: 0700608036
Издательство: University Press of Kansas
Assailed by conservative critics in Congress, academia, and television talk shows, liberal economics may be in a fight for its political life. Conrad Waligorski contends, however, that rumors of its death are premature and far from desirable. His close analysis of the political theories of John Maynard Keynes, John Kenneth Galbraith, Lester Thurow, and Robert Reich reveals why liberal economics remains a vigorous force in the debates over our nation's future. Waligorski argues that, despite individual differences, these economists are bound together by a common vision of the public good. Collectively, these thinkers represent a strong counter tradition to the laissez-faire, free-market philosophy of James Buchanan, Milton Friedman, F. A. Hayek, Newt Gingrich, and other proponents of minimalist government and "trickle-down economics." Contrary to such critics, liberal economists advocate government regulation as a guard against the power of the marketplace to erode our...
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