Обложка книги Myth of Free Trade: The Pooring of America

Myth of Free Trade: The Pooring of America


ISBN: 0684833557;
Издательство: Touchstone Books

In a front-page story in the Wall Street Journal, Pat Buchanan named The Myth of Free Trades as one of the cornerstones of his protectionist economic policy. Written by Dr. Ravi Batra, bestselling economist and author of The Great Depression of 1990, TheMyth of Free Trade throws down the gauntlet to economic orthodoxy and challenges the gospel of free trade. Dr. Batra states that "laissez-faire has wrecked U.S. industry and shattered the American dream." As an anecdote to our economic ills -- the federal deficit, our reliance on foreign imports, widespread downsizing, environmental destruction -- Dr. Batra sets out a five-year plan for economic revival that includes raising tariffs on imports, banning mergers among giant firms, and encouraging domestic competition by splitting huge corporations into smaller units.