Обложка книги New Barbarian Manifesto

New Barbarian Manifesto

ISBN: 0749435054;
Издательство: Kogan Page Ltd

IT was once welcomed as a liberator and genie that would free us from enslavement to mundane chores and the daily grind. Instead, Ian Angell says it is breeding a new society of `barbarians` in which the winner takes all. He claims that the world after the information revolution will be one in which a gifted few control corporations that move factories around the planet in search of the lowest wages -- it is already happening, as prisoners, serving life sentences in the US operate telesales services formajor American Airlines. Angell`s view is apocalyptic -- poverty for the many and self-governing opulence for the elite few. These privileged few, who can afford to be stateless, will not have to pay taxes in any state. Society will split into the elite and the masses. Society as we know it will break down. Only those with the knowledge and the power to guide the information revolution will prosper, leaving the manual labor to stateless production workers or more efficient robots.

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