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Ian Ayres

Pervasive Prejudice?: Unconventional Evidence of Race and Gender Discrimination (Studies in Law and Economics)

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ISBN: 0226033511, 9780226033518
Издательство: University of Chicago Press
If you're a woman and you shop for a new car, will you really get the best deal? If you're a man, will you fare better? If you're a black man waiting to receive an organ transplant, will you have to wait longer than a white man? In PervasivePrejudice? Ian Ayres confronts these questions and more. In a series of important studies he finds overwhelming evidence that in a variety of markets--retail car sales, bail bonding, kidney transplantation, and FCC licensing--blacks and females are consistently at a disadvantage. For example, when Ayres sent out agents of different races and genders posing as potential buyers to more than 200 car dealerships in Chicago, he found that dealers regularly charged blacks and women more than they charged whitemen. Other tests revealed that it is commonly more difficult for blacks than whites to receive a kidney transplant because of federal regulations. Moreover, Ayres found that minority male defendants are frequently required to post...
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