Обложка книги Piero Sraffa, Unorthodox Economist (1898-1983 : A Biographical Essay)

Piero Sraffa, Unorthodox Economist (1898-1983 : A Biographical Essay)

ISBN: 0415059593;
Издательство: Routledge

Piero Sraffa's work has given rise to a deep and lasting controversy in economic thought, yet we know surprisingly little about the man behind the theory. A friend of Gramsci, a colleague of Keynes and a correspondent of Wittgenstein, Piero Sraffa made important contributions to economics, politics and philosophy for over sixty years. Piero Sraffa, Unorthodox Economist (1898-1983) details the rich and varied intellectual and political life of this key figure in economic theory. Jean-Pierre Potier traces the evolution of Sraffa from his student days, to his extended period as a librarian at Cambridge, to his political development in Italy where he was forced to flee Mussolini's regime. The book gives particular emphasis to Sraffa's relationship with Gramsci, detailing both their protracted and wide-ranging philosophical discussions and his central role in preserving The Prison Notebooks . It is for his work in Cambridge that Sraffa is most widely...